Wish you could turn back time? Pub campaigner taunts thugs who lost a watch when attacking him… after it turns out to be a £3,000 uk cheap fake Breitling

A pub campaigner who took the Government to court over easing lockdown restrictions has revealed an unexpected prize after being attacked by two thugs – a £3,000 Breitling replica watch for men.

Hospitality adviser Sacha Lord said he was set upon by two men – believed to be in their 50s – who began punching him at a venue in Manchester on Saturday night.

But in the melee one of the men lost his Swiss movement copy Breitling watch, which Mr Lord pocketed and then discovered was a valuable Swiss timepiece.
He then taunted his attackers on social media by saying he will sell it and treat himself with the proceeds.

Mr Lord, 49, who is the area’s Night Time Economy Adviser, said: ‘So last night around 9pm 2 50+ old men started punching me for no reason.

‘When I was protecting my head, I noticed one of their watches came off.
‘As the venue threw them out, I put the watch in my pocket. I’ve just had a look and it’s a £3,000-plus Breitling copy with black dial.

‘First thing tomorrow I’m going to sell it and treat myself. Whoever you are…I hope you’re following me. Thanks!!’

Despite his tongue-in-cheek taunt on social media, Mr Lord’s team say the Breitling copy watch with steel case is now in the hands of the police – who are said to be investigating the attack.

‘The incident which occurred on Saturday, May 15 is now a police matter,’ his spokesperson told MailOnline.

It comes as Mr Lord earlier took to Twitter to reveal the attack on Saturday.

‘Sadly, tonight I was punched and attacked regarding my views on re-opening. I’m fine, but Demi (my partner) is beside herself. What sort of a world are we living in?’

Greater Manchester Police refused to comment on the investigation when asked by MailOnline.
Industry chiefs say many pubs and bars will not be able to turn a profit until the measures are lifted.

Under the current roadmap, such restrictions are due to be lifted in June, though the Government has not officially confirmed this.

And today Mr Lord told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that the industry needed more than ‘rumours’.

He told the programme: ‘We need absolute assurances. We have been told about this review date of June 14 – one week isn’t enough to get hospitality running again.’

‘It is going to take at least three years for businesses to return to pre-pandemic levels in terms of getting rid of loans, the debt, the rent arrears and the VAT holidays.’

He said even with yesterday’s easing of some restrictions ‘businesses were operating at 50%’ as they had to provide a range of safety measures including one-way systems and table service.