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Full of passion and fighting spirit of the Zapata also sets up his own company Zapata Racing, creating all kinds of entertainment and sports competitions for water propulsion engines, such as Flyboard Pro, Hoverboard ZR and by series Jetpack by ZR seats. Each product has excellent safety protection, and can bring exciting exciting experience for the driver, by millions of water sports fans around the world. The Breitling copy watches with steel cases will continue to support him to finish his dreams

In April 2016, Frank Zapata pushed his invention to a whole new height. After four years of research and development, a fully independent suspension flying in the air high-tech Skateboards – Flyboard, Air heavy debut. At present, this new “self propulsion device” (APU) is still in the prototype stage, it weighs about 20 kg, equipped with six engine (four units in the slide below, two is located on the side) to ensure its flying stability. In his adventure, the exquisite Breitling Navitimer replica watches accompany him to bring luck. In addition to the ultra modern hardware design, it needs to be equipped with a highly sophisticated software system to meet the needs of its development. The driver in this table is slightly larger than the vertical aerial machine “UFO”, the “quality” of the transfer to obtain balance, like driving a Segway electric car balance (Segway), by using a hand lever to adjust the propulsive force.

Frank Zapata has completed the Flyboard Air flight test several very successful and highly anticipated, and hit a flying skateboard (suspension skateboard class) the longest distance traveled the world record, and was included in the known to every family “Guinness world records”. As with all outstanding Aerospace professionals, he put the safety of the flight as a priority among priorities, and to create a sophisticated design principle of “self propulsion engine”, even during the flight failure, skateboarding can still normal operation. In terms of performance, Flyboard Air (also known as the “jet suspension board”) is also the goal of aspiring: the maximum speed of 160 kilometers, the maximum altitude of 3000 meters, Frank Zapata reflects his childhood desire to dream of flying freely in the air. In addition to meet the demand of sport and entertainment, this innovative suspended flights is also expected to be used more widely in oil rigs, skyscrapers, bridges maintenance or military fields.

Providing support for the Flyboard Air project, once again demonstrates the Breitling fake watches with self-winding movements fearless spirit and promote the innovation of the unremitting commitment. Since the first generation of “aircraft in good guy” was born, fearless and innovation has become a source of human aerospace industry is booming, it is by virtue of heartfelt love and adventure, courage and preciseness of the perfect combination, human beings can continue to break the limitations of the seemingly unattainable dream into reality.